March 29, 2010

Nice comment sheets - not just for students!

Every year I have my 8th grade students write one nice comment about each other, and I include my name at the bottom (hey, it's necessary). I remind them that it is important to be able to say something nice about everyone - even if they have to DIG DEEP. :)  My cadet then compiles a document for each student (without the name of who wrote the comments).

I laminate each sheet and send them home for them to keep, love, and cherish forever (or to lose on the bus ride home).  I put mine inside my closet door so when I hang up my coat and bag, I start my day of with a smile (my students say it's the coffee that makes me smile - shhhhh....maybe it is...).

Anyway, it's been a ritual for 4 years, and my 7th graders can't wait to do their "nice sheets" when they are 8th graders.  Here is my sheet for this year...remember, they HAVE to write something nice...even if they have to "dig deep." :)


Ruth Howard said...

That's a simple idea with alot of overflow,thanks for sharing your full and overflowing cup!

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