February 18, 2010

Daniel Pink didn't have to Drive! (clever, right?!) :)

My good friend (@ketelsen of TimberPine) is always sending me invitations to great events or area “happenings” so it wasn’t a surprise when I got an invitation to Daniel Pink’s book signing.  It was an event put on by @justbrady (Justin Brady, owner of Test of Time Design), and it was to be held via Skype – a virtual book signing. Obviously, I was interested in the idea of it being held online (love to see technology being used in new ways), and I enjoy Pink’s work, so I was quick to register for the event.

The “signing” was held in the HUGE metropolis of downtown Des Moines at the Des Moines Social Club.  We hustled downtown after work, trudged our way through the slush and muck of the ten thousand feet of snow (picture out of my classroom window) we’ve gotten this year, and arrived mostly starving, with wet feet.

I have to say, though, weather and hunger aside, I was excited to witness a virtual first (ok, maybe not a first, but a relatively fresh and innovative idea). 

The first hour was spent networking, mingling and chatting as the crowd gathered.  It wasn’t a huge crowd, but a very diverse one - business owners, educators, managers, authors, you name it. Among the gatherers were @mikesansone (owner of ConverStations), @admavericks (Josh Fleming of Lessing-Flynn), @johnccarver, @derondurflinger and I all represented Van Meter Schools, and @RendaInDSM was there taking pictures for the Des Moines Register.

When @danielpink came on, we all sat in chairs around a projection screen, and the second he started talking, I knew the event would work the way @justbrady was hoping.  Pink’s image was clear, his voice was loud and strong, and the message he gave was powerful.  He discussed his newest book, Drive, and the motivators within us.  His son was in the background, very well-behaved, causing some funny moments, and allowed Pink’s off-the-cuff style to shine.   It started out as a book talk, with plenty of Q&A time, and ended up as a book signing when @mikesansone “officially” placed the first signed sticker (that had been mailed prior to the event) inside his book cover.

It was Pink’s message that really stuck with me, though…and I am thinking about the connection it has to education.  Stay tuned – my next blog is developing rapidly. :)


Katie said...

thanks for the plug chica! it was good times as always...looking forward to your next big move! Drive it home girl

Justin Brady said...

yes indeed. that IS a clever title!

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